Saturday, August 6, 2011

$5 and a little elbow grease

Today was a SUPER slow day for yard sale finds. That's not to say that there weren't many yard sales - there were quite a few on CL and I saw many signs while I was out and about. It was more about quality. I had mapped about 6-7 sales from CL that said they had toys, but when I got there their toy selection was basically one or two boxes of discarded toys that didn't even look worth sifting through. Very dissapointing in regards to the toy selection.

I did come across one sale that had a lot of kids' clothes and shoes for 25 cents each. If only I knew what baby #2 is going to be, I would have been able to get some good deals. My daughter currently has enough clothes, but I did end up getting her a pair of hardly-used soccer shoes that she can use in about a year when she's 4 and I sign her up for soccer. I also got a couple pairs of larger-sized water shoes that looked like they hadn't even been worn for when she outgrows her current water shoes. So far, I had spent a whopping 75 cents - I spent more at my Starbucks run on the way to the sales :-)

On the way home, I hit a sale that was in my neighborhood and this was my most successful stop of the morning. I've been wanting to get my daughter a vanity for her room for a while now and I've been stalking CL to find one that looked nice at a reasonable price, but hadn't yet found anything that fit that (I liked this one, but for $50 I'd at least like a stool). Well, at this sale they had a vanity for sale. At first glance, many people probably would have passed this vanity up because it was a little worse for wear. It was certainly well-loved by some little girl named Leslie who had scribbled all over it in blue pen and painted her nails dark green and black (as evidenced by several large pools of dried black nail polish on the vanity's top). However, I saw potential and for $5 I was willing to take it home and experiment with the Magic Eraser that Yard Sale Mommy had mentioned could work wonders on reviving old toys. I wish I had taken a before picture to do justice to the end result, but alas you will just have to take my word that this vanity started off looking a lot more shabby than chic. So, for $5 and a little elbow grease with the Magic Eraser (I'm a believer!) I was able to give my daughter a nice new-to-her vanity for her room.


  1. What a great find for $5! I LOVE Magic Erasers.


  2. So cute!!! There was a tut somewhere online that took old makeup containers (all cleaned out) and then the person put nail polish in them to look like fake make up - let them dry and vetilate for a week or so - and then her daughters were able to play with cute fake make up. I know the dollar store sells cheap make up brushes too.

    Just an idea :)