Friday, October 21, 2011

Recapping after Vacation

It's been a while since I posted about my yard sale finds. Mostly because for the past month or so I've either been in preparation mode for vacation, on vacation, or doing laundry after vacation. Ebay land has been slow for me, but I'm guessing that's because I've been slacking in eBay land. I did manage to go to a couple of yard sales the weekend before we left on vacation. One sale in particular advertised lots of girl clothes and maternity clothes, so I was particularly looking forward to this one as I was still in need of some maternity khaki shorts for vacation. It's amazing how a good sale can motivate you to get out of bed that early in the morning.

Thankfully, the Lord provides and I was able to find a small pair of khaki maternity shorts, a small pair of maternity khaki pants, a couple of maternity dresses (one NWT from Motherhood no less), 2 pairs of shoes for baby (StrideRite and Pediped), 2 Janie and Jack sweaters for baby (one NWT), a swimsuit for my 3 year old, and a Caribbean style dress for my 3 year old (perfect for vacation). All for just $10. This was an ideal sale because obviously the wife had priced and organized all of the things beforehand and then told her husband to go man the yard sale while she looked after the kids. He didn't even look at what I was buying or the prices, so I probably could have offered him less than $10, but I think it was still a good deal considering I got what I was looking for and more.

My next stop was a neighborhood yard sale in a neighborhood that's not allowed to have yard sales except for one or two times per year designated by their home owners association. I was short on time since I had to be home by 9 AM to relieve my husband so he could go have a guys' day out of paintballing, so I didn't stop at all the sales, but I did manage to pick up 3 Vera Bradley purses and a matching wallet for $5 from one sale (photos below). I think these will do well on eBay. Apparently my husband is not a fan of these purses since he made a comment that he hoped I was selling them and not keeping them for myself. Hopefully someone else will appreciate them enough to buy them. Just have to figure out what pattern they are and how to list them now.

I'm hoping to get back into the yard saling and eBay swing of things this weekend as life returns back to normal.