Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yard Sale Finds: Raggedy Ann and My Little Pony

Yesterday, I woke up at 6:15 AM and was out the door by 6:30 AM stoked about the yard sales that lay ahead of me. I can't even get up that early for work! If only work was like yard saling :-)

There weren't any yard sales in my area yesterday, so I ventured a bit further north into Cedar Park to see if I could find a few good deals. I had already mapped my route with Yard Sale Treasure Map (a little buggy, but useful to help figure out the optimal route for all the CL sales with toys posted online). Despite going to 6 or 7 sales (I lost count), I didn't come home with a whole lot.

I was a little bit overwhelmed and got sidetracked with looking up additional sales on CL on my phone and following signs that I thought said "toys and stuff" but actually said "tons of stuff" (I guess I need to bring coffee instead of milk next time, but our Keurig died). So I learned my lesson to just stick to my list of sales. I also learned my lesson that it's not worth going out of my way for just one sale even if they did advertise an exersaucer (not the right kind though so totally a waste of gas).

Here's what I ended up bringing home:

I saw this Ragggedy Ann Jack in the Box for $1 and thought it might make a good sale on eBay since Raggedy Ann is such a classic toy, and as a Jack in the Box, it seemed even more classic. I love old fashioned toys like this and the Radio Flyer wagons I picked up last week - they keep their value no matter what year it is. I looked up the completed listings and saw that there were a couple new ones and one used one that went for about $20. This one has a lttle dent on it, so I might not get that much, but even if I make $10 from a $1 investment, I would be happy. Plus, my daugther has gotten some enjoyment out of it so that makes it all worth while.

I picked up these skates for $3 purely as something for my daughter to use and not necessarily for resale value. I had a pair like this growing up and I wanted her to have the enjoyment I got out of learning to skate. My husband and I were avid rollerbladers when we were dating in college and I even tried out for the roller derby once (I might have stuck with it if it wasn't on the other side of town). They even came with knee and elbow pads so it seemed like a good value for $3, plus I think I might be able to resell them at a consignment sale once my daughter gets her use out of them. There didn't seem like a whole lot of demand for them on eBay.

My final purchase of the day was this My Little Pony Rainbow Wishes Amusement Park. I knew from reading Yard Sale Mommy that My Little Ponies are good for resale, so when I saw this set in its original (albeit tattered) box for $2, I couldn't pass it up. I offered $2 for this set plus 2 Curious George books and 1 Berenstein Bears book for my daugther (marked at 25 cents each) so it was like getting the My Little Pony set for $1.25. Plus the original set only came with 1 pony and I got 5 ponies with this set, so that should help to raise the resale price and bring in at least $20. My daughter has already become attached to this set, so I'll probably hold off on selling it for a little bit. Every week it's like Christmas for her when I come home with my yard sale finds. It's certainly a lot cheaper than Christmas!

At the same sale as the My Little Pony set, there was a bucket of Polly Pocket Disney princess dolls, clothes, and a couple of buildings (a Snow White bedroom set, a part of a castle, and some other building that I forget now). I wasn't sure about getting it because even though Yard Sale Mommy had said that the Polly Pocket Disney princess dolls do well on eBay, the clothes looked a little worse for wear. So I ended up passing up this $5 bucket of Polly Pocket and kind of wish I hadn't after coming home and looking at some of the completed listings for just part of what was in the bucket. Next time, I won't pass this up for sure!

So while I didn't come home with a whole lot this week, I still had fun getting up before the sun and having a couple of peaceful hours to myself.


  1. LOVE those little skates and pads! I've been on the lookout for some for my girls as well. Yours look in great condition. Way to go! :)

  2. It's hard to know when to spend the gas money and when to stay close to home...I struggle with that all the time. But I am a risk taker and often end up going for it (too much!!). SO SAD you passed up those princess pollys. I always buy the princess and the boys. The boy pollys can bring about$20 if you have at least 2 and a bunch of clothes. Oh well, it is fun to have a fish story. You still found some good things! Thanks for linking up!