Monday, August 22, 2011

Friday Night Goodwill Trip

I took a week off from my usual yard sale adventures to travel to Arizona for my mom's 60th birthday party and engagement celebration. It was a whirlwind trip jam-packed with lots of visits with family. I had visions of hitting some AZ yard sales on Saturday morning, but the jet lag just didn't want to let me wake up that early. Needless to say, this past weekend I was definitely itching to get out there and find some good deals after missing a week.

When hubby said he had to work late on Friday night, I took that as an opportunity to do some Goodwill shopping with my daughter. It's a pretty good setup there since the toy aisle is in the back corner of the store so we just set up camp there - me with my iphone and her with every loud toy she can put her hands on. It's a win win for both of us. Here's what I picked up on our Goodwill outing:

Fisher Price Purse for $1.99. Not a huge profit margin (selling for $5-6). 
Fisher Price Piggy Bank for $1.99. Selling for $11-12.
Special Agent Oso figures for $1.99. Selling for $7-8.
LeapFrog Click Start Cars Game for $3.99. Selling for $12-13.

Set of 26 Alphabet Incrediblocks for $2.99. Hoping to sell for $20 like this one.

Timmy Time Night Night Timmy Plush for $4.99. Closing auctions on these were between $15 and $25 - it's a popular international seller. UPDATE: This sold for $25 within 1 day of listing it.

Big bucket of Lincoln Logs for $7.99 (not pictured, but it's this set missing a few pieces)

I was hoping to go back later in the weekend to take advantage of tax free savings on clothes and shoes, but I never made it back since we went to the circus on Saturday afternoon and then Sunday was spent catching up on loads of laundry backlogged from our trip. My yard sale finds on Saturday made up for it though.

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